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Bright Bars

Piyush Steel is a well-known Indian manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and stockist of bright bars for a number of sectors. Customers can choose from square bright bars, hexagonal bright bars, rectangular bright bars, and other forms of bright bars and rods. The bars come in a variety of sizes, forms, pricing, and other requirements to meet the needs of the customer.

About Bright Bars: Bright bars are core materials made from stainless steel alloys in a cold reduction mill using a cold drawing procedure. They feature a geometrically exact molecular structure with a very smooth surface finish that is always bright, earning them the nickname "Bright Bar."

Bright bars are manufactured from black bars, which are the first raw product formed by melting raw materials. They are created by a cold drawing process, after which they are cooled to room temperature and subjected to fine-finishing procedures like annealing, grinding, cutting, polishing, and so on. Conveyor shafts are made from bright bars. Because of its superior mechanical and dimensional features, bright steel bars are widely employed in the production of mechanical parts.

Piyush Steel offers bright bars at the best prices. Before sending them to our clients throughout the world, we make sure that our bright bars and rods are of the highest quality and have passed all necessary inspections. Piyush Steel includes test certificates with every order of bright bars and rods. Mill testing results as well as third-party inspection services are available to our customers. Moreover, we provide stainless steel bright bars, carbon steel bright bars, alloy steel bright bars, and more. According to the client's need, these bars can be produced into any other unique shape.

For any requirement of Cold Rolled Steel Round Bars & Rods. Contact us today and our experts will get back to you with the best quote.

Specifications of Bright Bar

Standard: ASTM, ASME, DIN, BS, EN, IS, AMS, JIS, IBR & Other International Standards.
Materials: Stainless Steel Bright Bar,Carbon Steel Bright Bar,Alloy Steel Bright Bar,Copper Nickel Bright Bar,Hastelloy Bright Bar,Duplex / Super Duplex Steel Bright Bar, Incoloy / Inconel Bright Bar, Monel Bright Bar, Nickel Bright Bar, Titanium Bright Bar, 253MA Bright Bar, AL6XN Bright Bars, Custom 450 Bright Bar, Jethete Bright Bars, Beryllium Copper Bright Bar
Hot Rolled Bright Flat Bar: customized As Per customer Requirements
Hot Rolled Bright Round Bar: 16 mm to 75 mm dia
Hot Rolled Bright Square Bar: 25 mm to 50 mm
Hot Rolled Bright Hex Bar: 16 mm to 60 mm
Tolerance: Bright Bar ( As per ISO H8, H9, H10, H11 also as per ASTM A484, DIN 17440, 671 or as per mutual agreement.)
Length: Bright Bar ( 3 to 6 meters +0.1 mtr tolerance or as per Customer’s Requirement)
Straightness: Bright Bar (< 1 mm / mtr or as per Mutual agreement.)
Mechanical Properties: Bright Bar ( ASTM, DIN or As mutually agreed upon.)
Delivery Condition: Bright Bar ( Drawn – Polished, Drawn – ground – polished, Peeled – Polish, Peeled – ground – polished)
Order Services Machining (CNC), Centreless Grinding (CG), Heat Treatment, Anneling, Pickling, Polish, Rolling, Forging, Cutting, Bending, Minor Fabrication,
Test Certificate Manufacturer Test Certificate / Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab / Under tdird Party Inspection & witd Excise Gate Pass to avail Modvat benefit.
Bar Finishing Bright, Polish & Bright

Types of Bright Bar

  • Stainless Steel Bright Bar
  • Carbon Steel Bright Bar
  • Alloy Steel Bright Bar
  • Copper Nickel Bright Bar
  • Duplex Steel Bright Bar
  • Super Duplex Steel Bright Bar
  • Incoloy / Inconel Bright Bar
  • Nickel Bright Bar
  • Titanium Bright Bar
  • 253MA Bright Bar
  • AL6XN Bright Bar
  • Custom 450 Bright Bar
  • Jethete Bright Bar
  • Beryllium Copper Bright Bar
  • Hastelloy Bright Bar
  • Monel Bright Bar

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Export Destinations for Bright Round Bar

Our Bright Bars & Rods are exported across the world. You can send your export enquiry using the contact us link below. We are also prominent exporter to the below countries.

Bright Bar Global Destinations
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Malaysia
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Singapore
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Thailand
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Taiwan
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Indonesia
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Qatar
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Oman
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Jordan
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Saudi Arabia
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to South Africa
  • Exporting Bright Bars & Rods to Egypt

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