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bright bar Additional Services

Bar Coding

A method of encoding data on products for fast and accurate electronic readability, which can be read by electronic readers, and used to facilitate timely and accurate input of data to a computer.


Refers to pipe; the end preparation for field welding of the joint.


The process in which a flat surface is made by cutting off the edge or corner metal or other material.

Chrome Plating

A complex process used for both cosmetic and functional purposes for long wear life for component or production parts. A thin plate of chromium is deposited by electrolysis on a corrodible metal, giving a bright, metallic surface which is highly resistant to tarnish. It provides lubricity and a surface hardness, is crack-free, and both corrosion and heat resistant.


A method whereby the raw slit edge of metal is removed by rolling or filing.


A procedure that reduces the magnetic flux to virtual zero by applying a reverse magnetizing field.


The process in which a series of staggered rolls of small diameter is used to remove bow and waves from sheet. While passing through the roll, the sheet is bent back and forth slightly and is delivered approximately flat.



The process in which a machine press shapes a metal work piece by applying pressure on it.


The type of machining used when smaller holes are needed and a closer hole diameter tolerance is preferred or required. However, it is the slowest of the drilling operations and hole drift is typically greater than .001 per inch of length drilled.

Heat Stamping

A metal stamping process in which the work piece is heated.

Lathe Cutting

A process that cuts tubular and bar products to close tolerances on turning machines and can impart chamfers and deburring to both ends of the parts.

Line Marking

The process of placing a distinct sign or image upon or within an object or material for identification or other purposes.


The process in which we provide protective packaging material used to protect products throughout the entire transportation and distribution environment.

Shot Blasting

Cleaning surface of metal by air blast, using metal as a result of solidification shrinkage and the progressive freezing of metal towards the center.


Metal forming in which a bend is removed from a piece of metal by applying a force. Metal straightening is the opposite of metal bending.